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  2. sadisticsadie:


    Meaningless naked procrastination.
    Time to get ready for work.

    I’d take her

    You couldn’t have her.

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  3. Time with Mr Meowmers on Sunday morning.
    This is the only position he is comfortable being held in.
    Shot by @cthopper.

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  4. jimfisherdesign said: I'm working on an art magazine type thing, a personal creative project with some collaborations with other strange creatures like myself who like to make things which are intriguing and sexy. I want to include a section featuring some of my favorite creative naked people and I'd like to include you and some of your images and work, if you have any inclination to be included in such a thing.

    Sounds fun.
    Let me know what your timeline looks like so I can have something ready.

  5. Kiki has a dark growth above her eye, and we’ve taken her to get it checked out.
    The growth may be a bruise or a bite, but we are in an observation
    period now to see if the mass grows or changes in any way.
    Also, she is too FAT.
    My little meatloaf weighs ten pounds!

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  7. the-town-bicycle:

    Need this soon.

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  8. Photos by Malia James


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  9. nihil93 said: Thank you for the inspiration!! I’m “shedding skin” and trying to get my self back on solid ground and your blog has been inspirational. It’s both brave and soft in its essence and spirit. I see a lot of courage which means a lot of heart! It’s been the best find in recent times. Sometimes it’s great to find amazing souls! Cosmic kisses & vortex hugs, Ana

    This means the world to me.
    Thank YOU.

  10. ….
    Shopping for large rolls of latex.

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